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Between October, 21st and October, 23rd, 2011, I will attend a seminar held by my friend Klaus-Jürgen Grün. It will be at the Landhotel Grashof in 36148 Kalbach near Fulda. This is a seminar that already looks back on a tradition of several years, being held in autumn each year.

Last year, it was about “hostility“. At the time, I was truly moved. You can read my report if you click here. This year,  Klaus prepared for the following topic:

Lies Dressed Up As Truths
The not quite unproblematic relation between honesty and bluff

On Saturday, October, 22nd, 2011, I have the privilige of giving the final presentation. Klaus suggested the following title:

Entrepreneurial Success Between Honesty and Bluff

To me, this sounds all but simple. I really have to start preparing now and will then, as usual, publish it in the IF blog.

If any of you would like to attend the seminar, there are still a (very) few vacancies. Just send an E-Mail to me.

My next presentation in Munich will be during the EAA Colloquium “Current Developments in Technology and Business“. Here, I was free to select my own title. I decided on

About Projects, Leadership and Management – it is always about human interaction …

This presentation is on November, 3rd, at 6.15 p.m. in Lecture Room 33/0101 of the Neubiberg University of the German Armed Forces. They allowed me to invite guests, so I would be glad to see many of my friends. For details, send me an  E-Mail.

(Translated by EG)

For those who are interested, here is the agenda for the Grashof seminar:

[:]Friday, October, 21st, 2011
15:00 Introduction (Klaus-Jürgen Grün)
16:30 Presentation No 1:
Why a lies is not a bad thing: on the usefulness of lies and bluff in the evolutionary development (speaker: André  Mindermann ?)
Afterwards: introductory discussions

Saturday, October, 22nd, 2011
From 09.30 hours.:
Presentation No 2: Schopenhauers Will Theory and the Lie
Presentation No 3: Nietzsches “About Truth and Lies in their Extra-Moral Meaning” (Constanze Ehrhard)
From 15.00 hours:
Presentation No  4:
Strategies of Lies and Bluff – Game Theory, etc. (Dr. Cordian Riener)
Presentation No 5:
Lies as Language Abuse – The Speach Act of Lying (Matthias Wühle)
Presentation No 6:
Entrepreneurial Success Between Honesty and Bluff (Roland Dürre)

Sunday, October, 23rd, 2011
In the morning: conclusion

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