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I owe my moments of greatest emotions and deepest memories to my children.

It happens often that the many nice experiences with every one of them creeps up in my memory. For me, however, being a parent also meant a “school of experience”. And I successfully applied what I learned from and with my children in life. For this, I want to thank them and my wife.

A successful professional career, too, was not bad and felt quite nice. Those were often a reason for me to be happy. But their highest value lay in the fact that they made it financially possible for me to afford more than the one or two standard children of today’s average household.

But, above all, you need a wife who goes along. Let me use the partner-slogan: children can turn a good relationship into a great relationship.
🙂 From good to great!
Yes, we had a beautiful time. There was always someone small crawling over the place. Today, I sometimes miss it. But perhaps I will some day be a grandfather. Then I could, again, admire and support young life.
Well, seriously:

I believe there are quite a few things you can learn well and easier from children than, for instance, from attending a personal training seminar: patience, responsibility, leadership, sustainability, an altero-centric approach… Even the long-forgotten own juvenile wisdom comes back to some extent.

And then I discover that we are mostly governed by childless persons. To be sure, it is a perfect match with modern times. After all, we are a society of single households. But if you take a closer look at our political decisions, you can clearly see that they have been made by people who do not have quite so much experience in life.

The same seems to be true for the Catholic Church. It, too, is (exclusively) governed by childless persons. And you see the result.

(Translated by EG)

The photo was taken by Nathan Kurz.

In addition to his work for IF-Localization, Nathan is active in several other areas.  He is a US citizen and was born and raised in the Philippines and has spent 13 years in the third world.  The third world remains an important part of his life and his activities.

From 1988-1990, Nathan worked in Sierra Leone, West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer working for a UN Rural Water Supply project.  Since 2007, he has been active as an international volunteer for the Uganda based development organization KACCAD (Kyosiga Community Christian Association for Development). The cooperation between WGLO and KACCAD goes back to early coordination and networking activities on Nathan’s side.

Nathan’s last trip to Africa was in 2010 where he worked on various KACCAD projects in cooperation with WGLO Board Members.  Planning for future projects, in cooperation from IF-Localization, was also part of the planning agenda.  Nathan and his family pay school fees for two students and assist with funds for the purchase of HIV Drugs for an 11 year old girl whose name is Shinah.

I would like to thank Nathan, not only for his photo.

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