[:de]brand eins im Mai

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brand eins in May
Der Mai ist gekommen

die Bäume schlagen aus

Da bleibe, wer Lust hat

mit Sorgen zu Haus!

Wie die Wolken wandern

am himmlischen Zelt

So steht auch mir der Sinn

in die weite, weite Welt

Volkslied – everybody knows the first verse)

In May, the trees start sprouting – is that also true for “brand eins”? Is that why the May edition arrived so late in my post box: on May, 5th? Basically, it was more than due.

Whenever this happens, I am glad I do not suffer from a thievery psychotic syndrome that might make me believe the bad “brand eins thief” was at it. Instead, I am happy when I finally find it.

The May theme is difficult to tackle. Perhaps this is another reason why the edition came so late?

You Are Not Alone

With the sub-title
Focal Point Loyalty

Actually, that is one of the nice things about “brand eins”. Even before I open the magazine, I already start getting thoughtful. Thinking of “not being alone“: the first thing I associate with it is not loyalty, but belonging. And as a matter of facts, the two terms probably have a lot in common. Without loyalty, there is probably no sense of belonging (and vice versa). In my concept, however, the term belonging is more positive than loyalty. Hm.

I get the first answer to my ponderings from the editorial by Frau Fischer. As a matter of principle, her editorial is always the first thing I read. And, surprise, surprise, her headline is:

Sticking together

Now does that not sound a lot like belonging?

And in the editorial (like in the magazine), you will find terms such as bonding and willingness to perform, loyalty towards a vision, fidelity and partnership, fidelity premiums and loyalty towards your customers and also solidarity  …

However, in the editorial I also find a word that surprises me: job prostitute.

It sounds a little like prostitutes know no loyalty. But perhaps they are the most loyal of all – at least towards their customers. Well, it shows that loyalty is also one of the difficult words. Of course, it is also one of those words that badly need to be put into perspective in some of its absolute dimensions.

Over the weekend, I had a little more time to read in my “brand eins”. Here are a few articles I recommend you should read.

Page 10
The world in numbers

Starting from page 37 …
The prologue on the focal point: loyalty – relationships for beginners 
Here is a citation:
Perhaps we need less CRM and instead a little more TAR (toil, attentiveness and respect).
Well, I could not have put it better!

Starting from page 66 …
A truly exciting interview with Hans Förstl (director of the Polyklinik for psychiatry and psycho-therapy at TUM)

As to most of the other articles: I still have to read them myself. …

(Translated by EG)

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