IF Forum – Heidi Schiller – Black.White.Multi-Coloured. – Video!

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Frau Heidi Schiller spoke at our IF Forum of April, 17th, 2012. Following our theme of the year “Living (and Surviving) Sustainably”, she gave us a perfectly prepared presentation: “Black, White, Multi-Coloured”. There were many nice suggestions and impulses for looking upon this one world of ours a little differently. In fact, I even got a slightly bad conscience. I certainly could try harder.

Here is the entire presentation “Black, White. Multi-Coloured“ by Frau Heidi Schiller!

Frau Heidi Schiller is an entrepreneur, among other places in Africa. She propagates a „new entrepreneurship“ we will badly need for our future.

The video was produced by Friedrich Lehn. For more great presentations, take a closer look at my youtube “Channel” rolandduerre. If you are looking for Frau Schiller and more top speakers, see: www.if-agora.de.

In our series Living (and Surviving) Sustainably, the next IF Forum speaker will be Frau Susanne Hofmann of the Tölzer Kasladen. She will give her presentation on June, 21st, 2012. She will talk about:

Quality Beats Quantity.

How you should produce high-quality food!

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(Translated by EG)

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