In Favour Of vs. Against

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IF blog is now in the middle of its Summer Slump. I am staying near the beach for two weeks, seeing to And I add a few “catch phrase articles” to the “keywords”. Today, I will write about “In Favour Of versus Against”:

In the summer of 2012, I had the opportunity to personally meet Dr. Klaus Töpfer when he gave a presentation. He defended the “against” culture. For me, this was a first.

He gave wonderful reasons why it is so important to “be against something“ if you want change and if you wish to find better solutions. I was truly impressed.

Except that I know I will feel small if I am against something. Because everything I oppose is my enemy. It lurks everywhere. Both materially and emotionally. Consequently, I am in favour of a “pro-culture“. And I want to try never being opposed to something. Instead, I always want to be in favour of something.

So let us not live the “being against”! Let us instead use it as a playful and dialectical exercise for gaining new insight by the “art of negative thinking”. Thus, we can develop “being in favour of things” through “being against things”!


(Translated by EG)

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