It Makes Me Happy To Bring Promote Friendships.

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On this picture, you can see Jolly Kunjappu and Stefan Hagen. They are both friends of mine, yet did not know each other. Then I heard that Jolly is going to speak in Dornbirn. Dornbirn, however, is Stefan’s domain. Consequently, I had to get active – and bring these two together.

Regardless of his totally full calendar, Stefan was able to watch the presentation by Jolly. Afterwards, they met.

kunjappu_hagen_3546And they both radiate happiness.

🙂 And it makes me truly happy to see two friends of mine enjoying the fact that they were introduced to each other.

(Translated by EG)

Of course, writing about Dr. Stefan Hagen makes me think of the PM Camp. So do not forget::
Between November 14th and 18th, 2013, we will have our next fabulous barcamp for project management in Dornbirn. There are still some vacancies, also on the list of sponsors.

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