My Personal Vacation Strategy

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I have now been staying at this wonderful place directly near the coast since Friday. At night, I hear the sound of the ocean.

In the daytime, I sometimes sit in the sun and sometimes in the shadow. My daily experience is of the power of wind and waves and I enjoy the fruits of the land. A little riding my bike and a little swimming. That is it. And I am so very lazy and content.

No – I am not totally content and lazy. I notice that it has been quite some time since I last wrote anything on In particular, I have recently neglected my “keywords ” on that site. Those are the words that, for some reason or other, give me pause.

Consequently, I will now, during this vacation, deal with the keywords on I want to put several more of those to “green”. And whenever I very much like an article on a new keyword, I will publish it in the IF blog. Which makes life considerably easier for me, because it saves a lot of time.
Because I want to be lazy …

(Translated by EG)

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