New IF Blog Author: Dr. Cordian Riener

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BildJust a short time ago, I heard another presentation by Dr. Cordian Riener that made me very thoughtful.

Cordian is first and foremost a human being and then a friend of simple and clear statements.

He manages to need few words in order to get to the point.

Which is exactly how Cordian describes himself:

Born in Swabia.
Studied mathematics and philosophy in Ulm and Bordeaux, subsequently earned his mathematics Ph.D. in Frankfurt.
Now living up north in Helsinki for some time to come.
I like spending time riding my bike, hiking, reading about world history and good discussions – preferably accompanied by a nice cup of coffee.
During my stay in Finland, I try to find out what the Fins are better with than we, what we could learn from then and why, even here, not everything is always perfect.

🙂 I also know about Cordian that he likes apple cake – not to mention strawberry tart, which he likes even better.

I already look forward to reading Cordian’s articles! Perhaps there will be regular news from Finland for us?

(Translated by EG)

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