PM Camp DACH in Dornbirn, November, 14th to 16th #pmcamp13

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The picture was taken almost two years ago. Stefan Hagen and yours truly as co-founders of PM-Camp are absolutely delighted. During the evening party of the very first PM Camp in 2011, we realize that the event is a great success.

In a little more than four weeks, we will meet again. At the third Dornbirn PM CAMP. And much has happened in the time in between. We now have yearly PM Camps at  Bad Homburg (Rhein-Main), Berlin, Stuttgart and Vienna. And we are positive that there will be even more of them in 2014.

The next Dornbirn PM Camp on November 14th to 16th has been well organized. The seminar rooms at Fachhochschule Vorarlberg are ideal for us. Again, the motto is “Work hard, party hard!”. There is no shortage of work. Fabulous participants with important topics already promised to come.

Just for the party, we could do with another sponsor or two. Because some of the sponsors who used to support Dornbirn do now support one of the many regional Barcamps. Consequently, there is an opening for new sponsors who wish to show by their contribution that they share a modern concept for the 21st century which I would formulate as follows:

6318938831_a991055ca0_zShare experience and knowledge openly and transparently, co-operate at eye-level and in respect with courage and joy and thus take care of a future in shared responsibility.

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