Read During My Vacation #2: The Ethics Council is Supposed to Make All Well Again …

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This is also one of the things I read during my vacation as I browsed through an old newspaper:

Now the German Ethics Council has been asked to come up with a proposal about how to solve the problem of circumcision of male Jewish toddlers in Germany. During the last few days, I had also read a number of statements on early circumcision by various German medical experts. Among the experts, there was a pediatrician, a pain and anesthesia expert, a medicine professor, a hospital director and a psychologist.

To me, it did not sound very encouraging. Besides, it gave me pause. It seems that an early circumcision is far from a nice ritual. And it is also by no means trivial or free from consequences.

Then I read that an allegedly relevant Jewish Rabbi is against all anaesthetics during the circumcision procedure. And that Turkey also already commented with the “Turkish Minister for European Affairs seeing free religion jeopardized in Germany”.

Now this motivated me to do some research in the internet. Among other things, I found a rather lengthy comment (Stellungnahme) – it sounded rather absurd to me – by the “Central Council of Jews in Germany”.

However, there is one group I never hear anything from on the subject. For me, however, this group would be particularly relevant. I am talking the women. How do the Jewish mothers feel if they have to witness their toddlers being painfully mutilated by strange men shortly after their birth?

How does that go with a mother’s love? Do the mothers really want this for their babies? Or do they just sacrifice their children because they are weak and fearful? Because they lack the courage to resist an inhuman tradition in their cage of a millennia-old bourgeois suppression?

Or is it, maybe, a lot more complicated? Maybe there is a secret sort of “anarchical sexual understanding”, including a “special form of penis envy“ behind all this? Maybe women basically look kindly upon circumcisions for this reason? As some sort of punishment for men and in order to make sure men are and remain clean?

Well, I would welcome some counter-arguments by women!


(Translated by EG)

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