Statement&Plea (Characteristics, Rules, Virtues, Values, Wishes)

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For me, the central question is:
What are the values underlying all my behaviour? What are the correct rules, the most desirable virtues, the nice qualities is wish to have and my wishes?“

Today, my answer would be:

Belonging and Being Accepted.

Empathy and Respect, both towards humans and nature.

The Golden Rule – more or less as described in Wikipedia.

Social Responsibility along with Civil Courage and Constructive Disobedience.

Tolerance and Enlightenment.
To me, it seems like tolerance is “primus inter pares“ in this formula.
It is particularly important. There is only one instance when intolerance is excusable: when someone is talking against intolerance.

This is how I see it today. To be sure, variations in the wording or weighing are acceptable. They depend on my current impressions and the way I am feeling on a particular day. But it seems like there is a convergence. I am glad.

(Translated by EG)

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