Travel Journal Stralsund #6 From Liebenwalde to Berlin

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And again, we enjoy a wonderful day. The beautiful hotel Preußischer Hof at Liebenwalde even has its own swimming pool. Mind you, we are talking a rate of 48 € for the double bedroom (although breakfast is not included and booked through HDS).

So I start the day at half past seven with some swimming. To be sure, it is only 15 minutes, but this will suffice for making the body flexible. Then I indulge in the big buffet breakfast and shortly before 10 o’clock, we remount our bikes. We are going to Berlin, taking a detour through Oranienburg, because the cyclist’s path is just too attractive.

Today, we can afford to be really slow, which is what we do. The weather is hot, almost 28 degrees Celsius in the shadow. A few minutes after 1 p.m. we arrive at the new Central Station of Berlin. Well, I cannot say I am fascinated by the building: it is one of those modern stations on many levels. Besides, it is not at all situated in a “capital-like” area. But they are busily building houses for Federal offices in the vicinity.

We study the itineraries. And we discover that our train will come fresh from Gesundbrunnen. To get to the station of Berlin-Gesundbrunnen, we would only have to ride four kilometres. So we quickly ride there.

After our arrival there, we have two hours left. We take a leisurely meal and are back 15 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train on platform 7. Today, we only rode 60 kilometres. The train is on time, we can load the bikes without problems and now I am sitting behind a table with a power outlet, preparing for my next three work days.

To sum it all up, I can say:

It was a dream of a journey. Six days on the bike, riding 580 kilometres. Wherever we were, we found nice hotels, no rain. One day was a little cloudy, one day a little windy.

About the bike: this was my first tour with my Roadster. Mostly, I take my Road Traveller (Koga), or if I go mountains, my Mountain Bike. The Roadster did a very good job. The thick “Big Apple” tyres were the optimum on the paths that were occasionally very rough and sandy. The Rohloff gear hub was perfect, I truly enjoyed how I could shift gears all the time.

Basically, the paths were easy going. You can also choose a shorter route. Staying overnight is excellent everywhere.

So – why don’t you follow my example?

(Translated by EG)

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