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IF blog is now in the middle of its Summer Slump. I am staying near the beach for two weeks, seeing to duerre.de. And I add a few “catch phrase articles” to the “keywords”. Today, I will write about “Wastefulness”:


I am against many things. In particular, I am against wastefulness. It really annoys me.

Except – if I am against wastefulness, I am making myself small. Because then wastefulness is my enemy, lurking behind every corner. Both in the material sense and with respect to time. And it often makes me concerned.

Consequently, I do not wish to be against wastefulness. Instead, I want to be in favour of the opposite. But what is the opposite of wastefulness?

I remember a sentence I heard from Klaus Töpfer: “A system is sustainable in the biological sense if it produces no waste!”. OK, so I define waste and refuse as negative wastefulness.

From this, I could conclude that I would increase sustainability if I minimized negative wastefulness. And I defined for myself that negative wastefulness is the opposite of sustainability. So now I am even more in favour of sustainability.

And I am in favour of positive wastefulness, like nature gives it to us by supplying all this beauty, all those colours and all these varieties of species. Or the wastefulness of humans who give me their love.

(Translated by EG)

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