Your Value, My Value!

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What Should I Cost?

I have known Gebhard Borck for a long time. Several of the friends I know through the pm camp movement pointed me towards his presentations.

And, of course, I particularly liked his “Monkey Tales (Affenmärchen)”. During the wonderful Stuttgart PM Camp this spring, I finally had the chance of meeting him – he gave a great impulse presentation for us there (#pmcamp). It was just magnificent!

His new book “Your Value” officially appeared on July, 1st. It is about something really useful: how to find out what you are worth and how to innovatively write it down in value contracts.

And Gebhard manages to describe this procedure in his book in such an exciting way that there is not a single line that could bore the reader. After all, even the usual wage contracts drawn up around dependency and/or coupled with the number of hours worked are all but modern. And Gebhard actually shows us an alternative model – the value contract (as opposed to the contract for services).

He absolutely convinced me. And as soon as I will have terminated my directorship at InterFace on December, 31st, 2014, I intend to base all my counselling – provided I will still be asked to do some counselling – on a value contract.

Because now, I know my value – thanks to Gebhard. Many thanks!

(Translated by EG)[:]

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